Mountain Bike Maps


MTBO Maps Location Year Produced Map Custodians Last  updated
Hurstbridge Byways Hurstbridge 2008 Rob Edmonds 2013
Korweinguboora Ballan/Daylesford 2000 Rob Plowright & Rob Edmonds 2011
Mosquito Flat / Bulls Gully Wells Maryborough 2005 Andrew Slattery & Rob Edmonds 2014
Muckleford Maldon 2008 Alex Tarr & Rob Edmonds 2014
Saligari Safari Sandon/Newstead 2012 Alex Tarr & Rob Edmonds 2012
St George’s Lake Creswick 2003 Alex Tarr, Phil Giddings & Rob Edmonds 2016
Whroo Rushworth 2004 Alex Tarr & Rob Edmonds 2013
You Yangs Lara/Geelong 2006 Alex Tarr, Alan Davis & Rob Edmonds 2017

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